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Brief bio ...
  • Research:  Associate Professor at Penn State in the School of Public Policy and the Dept. of African-American Studies. She examines the impact of residential segregation on unemployment and wages for blacks and Latinos in metropolitan areas. The National Institutes of Health NIDDK is funding her research to study the impact of structural racism on racial disparities in kidney disease.

  • Author: She has two upcoming books on systemic discrimination and class/race inequality. Her research is also published in numerous research journals.

  • Informing Policy: he has served as consultant for the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Departments of Labor and Commerce. She is participating in the White House’s Evidence Informed Policy Initiative. She has contributed to the New York Times’ debates on low-wage workers. 

IMG_2893 edit_edited.jpg

Presenting at the Federal Reserve Bank, Washington, D.C.

At the White House Forum on evidence in public policy


She is  funded by NIH to study structural racism's impacts on kidney disease  

Latest work ...

Dr. VonLockette received NIH grant funding to conduct research on structural racism and racial disparities in chronic kidney disease

Fulcrum published an essay by Dr. VonLockette on systemic discrimination 

Coming soon: an interview with Dr. VonLockette featured on a Federal Reserve Bank podcast 

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